25 thoughts on “Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 (1967)

  1. Turnkey Office Space

    Walter Cronkite’s 1967 Vision Of a 21st Century Home Office: Walter
    Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 (1967)

  2. PaparoniFilms

    Watching this, and reading the comments, makes me both appreciative of the
    advances and aware of how they’ve become such mundane aspects of our lives.

  3. Fi

    “This is where a MAN might spend most of his time…” Hahahahaha! Oh dear,
    they really didn’t get anything right.

  4. Daniel Arpin

    Je me souvient d’avoir croisé M. Cronkite sur le train le Canadian qui
    traverse le Canada en 2000 et il avait toujours un appareil photo au cou
    et était habillé comme pour faire un safari 

  5. Earl Stepp

    His prediction on “you may not have to go to work and have the work come to
    you” is very accurate and chilling. 

  6. Mike Massie

    1967: Walter Cronkite gives a tour of a 21st century home office.

    How did we overlook the Print Dial!?!?!

  7. andro dtr

    fairly close but what they underestimated was that all of these functions
    could fit on a single all-purpose computer console, not multiple

  8. usergroupX

    OMG they were so wrong. I wish I had a machine that could tell me the
    weather AND stocks on the same screen… they were crazy back then. 

  9. Sam Rostaj

    If Walter could have seen the comments made by you maggots in the comments
    sections of YouTube, he’d probably have fucking shot himself.


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