25 thoughts on “Walmart’s Home Office Admits Jade Helm Ties, Texas Store’s Containers Double As Prison Cells

  1. DAHBOO777

    #Walmart’s Home Office Admit #JadeHelm15 Ties, #Texas Store’s Containers
    Double As Prison Cells #JadeHelm #ARSOF

  2. jessy danison

    the conex boxes double as mobile office solution ,, the bars are to keep
    people from breaking in lol


    From Day One, We The People should have put a stop to this, but we haven’t.
    Why haven’t we? Is it because the mind control has got you so dumbed down
    you don’t realize our asses are about to be exterminated? I don’t know how
    much clearer it could be.

  4. Yui-Omi Muni

    And I will say it in this video as I do the rest of your fear mongering
    videos. What are you and everyone else going to do about this?
    N-O-T-H-I-N-G. “Awakening” people as you say you are doing only goes so
    far. Take some action if you all are so worried about all of this or seek
    Jesus. I recommend the latter. It will take care of the first.

  5. adam Cummings

    Our construction sites across untied kingdom use these as portable site
    offices, brew areas for workers, never heard of them being used as prison
    cells, sounds like a load of made up horseshit

  6. Douglas White

    Working in construction for as long as I have seen those contains on many
    sites and could be no more than offices and or first aid areas.If they are
    not for those purposes that will be the explanation that they will give and
    most will not question that.

  7. charity7134

    so they take the name off the front, no plumbing contractors show up! what
    about reopening in 6 months?

  8. Shieena Living Waters

    “Double as a prison cell and that’s straight up”. Come on Dahboo- you are
    really stretching that 5 second conversation. Maybe it’s your your opinion-
    but I didn’t hear anything factual.

    Is it just me? What am I missing?

  9. aries37

    contractors working at the Florida walmart aren’t allowed to go to the
    bathroom without an escort. Their supervisor told them its because that
    area of the store was over a sink hole. FYI any sink hole area is

  10. theBald1

    Lol.. Me and a friend of mine cannot stop laughing about this…. He is a
    foreman at Brown & Root construction and he says they use storage
    containers as small portable offices an to also store tools to make it
    easier to transport them.. And I have worked construction pretty much all
    my life and I have seen the same style containers everywhere being used and
    the locked door and the bars on the windows are for security purposes .. I
    don’t know about you but if I had a office in a storage container, I think
    that I would like to have a window in mine also… And as far as that
    person calling the home office, anybody can make that kind of audio and
    make it sound real.. I think someone that can be trusted should be the one
    trying to call the home office and see how much they tell you about what’s
    going on… And the man claiming to be from the home office was giving out
    a little too much information to someone that he didn’t even know…. I
    think it’s just people trying to play other people and trying to draw
    attention to their self.. 

  11. SolsburyHill22

    Something is wrong it’s plainly obvious but I feel this is a non-story. Why
    are we here? Because we don’t trust our “elite” and we want to find a
    solution. I haven’t trusted them since 9/11 then the convenient war for
    Opiates in Afghanistan under the guise of a “war on terror”.


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