3 thoughts on “Vastu Shastra Basics to improve your home or office – Vedic Astrology

  1. Joginderlpaul Khurana

    Sir, Please guide me while analyzing when I will be having my own house and
    the remedies if any for details follows: Name : joginder paul khurana
    Fathers Name : Late Sh. Ramji Dass Place of Bith : Ludhiana Time of Birth
    :4.10PM Date of Birth : 21.04.1949 With regards yours faithfully joginder
    paul khurana contact no.9653920290

  2. astrobixweb

    Vastu is such a science that it is impossible to say anything about any
    location without a survey. Please consult a local vastu expert and get a
    survey done.

  3. Ramesh Kumar

    i am running a travel business threw my home base office. i want to
    development in my office threw wastu shastra . its a building is build by
    private bulder. contact me on 981088113 for vist


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