25 thoughts on “Tour of a Geek’s Home Office: Summer 2013

  1. Rich Nieto

    That’s the funny thing.. I did put it together myself, but I highly
    recommend not doing so haha. The hutch is heavy and large – I have no clue
    how I managed to assemble and mount it on the desk on my own. Also, putting
    together the desk is easier if you have a 2nd person since parts need to be
    held up while screwing them in. It is possible, but do it at your own risk.

  2. TheBcoolGuy

    The computer that I’m gonna get soon is better than the stock top model of
    the iMac. You know, the 27″ 3.2GHz one… It also comes with a 27″ monitor.
    I mean, it’s not 1440p, but it’s fine, especially since I have another
    1080p screen for it. Anyway, all it’s gonna cost me is going around town
    and asking people if they want to buy something from a catalog. When 25
    people have bought something for 500 SEK ($75) each, I will have sold
    enough to get the computer. For free. I love this tradition! 😀

  3. Carlos Rojas

    wassup bro…on ur 2014 office room update video…i was wondering where
    did u buy that led strip system from?


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