25 thoughts on “Tour of a Geek’s Home Office: 2014

  1. SuperTalleyho

    You need a Thunderbolt secondary display for the iMac, would be a nice
    touch instead of the AOC (the AOC is no slouch though).

  2. ScubaSteve57

    Do you know if there is a way to hook up those audioengine 2 speakers to a
    fiber optics hookup? 

  3. Randall Donadio

    Love love love that Embody chair. I have the Aeron and have contemplated
    upgrading for quite some time. 

  4. Elan Shudnow

    Rich, do you have a link for that leather storage unit you have on your
    desk that you have your mobile devices on?

  5. banditslancer

    Dude, you have an awesome man cave! Lol I tip my hat off to you sir for
    epic setup and for being humble when giving the tour!

  6. iKBoy

    You sir, have the ideal dream setup I would want as a “pro-Apple”
    loyalist/gamer etc….Love everything about your setup thank you!

  7. Tyler Massie

    Big ass bottle of lotion, every mans office necessity since the invention
    of internet porn. Very nice. lol. 

  8. Tyler S

    Hey grate setup.. do you just tape the LED Lighting strip behind your
    desk…. And i was looking into getting a new desk and saw your video and
    just got it 3 days ago and love it…. But it took like 7 to 9 hours to put


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