25 thoughts on “SONTE Film – digital shade for your home and office

  1. Flex Lexington

    Great product can’t wait for it to be more affordable. Better than using
    Window Tint. By the way, I like the music that you use in the background.
    More noticeable at the beginning of your video. Who is the artist of that

  2. Bernard Kwan

    The default state of the film is opaque so if power is off, it will be in
    light blocking mode. Cheers, SONTE Team

  3. Bernard Kwan

    Hi All, Thanks for your comments. Please check out our Kickstarter page
    (link in the description section above) to order at a discounted price!

  4. glukoagkalitsas

    Thats really really cool. But you dont mention anything about the price and
    if you will delivery in europe

  5. Bernard Kwan

    All the prices (at a discount) is on Kickstarter (though only for a limited
    time). Yes, we ship worldwide. SONTE Team

  6. TenHanger

    they left out the most important information: how is it powered? battery?
    Where is the wifi chip located? Lot’s of unanswered questions, makes me
    doubtful this is anything important.

  7. Valmore Quintero

    Dear Mr. Kwan. I have deep interest to talk to you about business. I have
    the biggest window film distributor in Latin America. Please inform me your
    contact (telephone number and address). Many thanks. Best regards. L.C.

  8. Yavuz Sanes

    SONTE Film – digital shade for your home and office
    SONTE Film – digital shade for your home and office


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