25 thoughts on “Snazzy’s Semi-Budget Friendly Home Office Tour

  1. Hotrodryan15

    Lets see some mac videos! I just got my first one and love the system
    contrary to my pc. Keep up the good work. 

  2. PocketableTech

    Nice setup, you did a nice job with the wiring. I really like those
    Sennheiser headphones hooks, they’re just what I was looking for, thanks
    for sharing! 

  3. Nellogs

    I definitely needed that headphone hook, just never knew what to look for
    that wouldn’t be too expensive. Thanks Quinn! 

  4. StargateChannel

    I actually picked up the Acer H236HL a few weeks ago after my 6 year old
    monitor kicked the bucket. As a student on a very strict budget I needed
    something that would reproduce colors accurately & look great on the desk.
    This monitor does everything I need out of a monitor and I love it so much
    that I am considering buying another one for a dual monitor setup so I can
    just put netflix on one screen and work on the other.

  5. gfdgdfsgds

    Please don’t put reference codes in your amazon links. I have been a viewer
    since 5k subs. I’ll still be a viewer, but I hope you listen to my
    feedback. :)

  6. CBW0314

    Great idea editing and capturing! Overall a great and entertaining vid and
    I love how professional you are at making videos

  7. gfdgdfsgds

    I also see that you even made the glossy plastic on the monitor look like
    brushed aluminum 🙂 because of your tip, i was able to make my monitors and
    keyboard and blue snowball and router and modem and usb hub, and way more
    look way more premium :)

  8. Mdobri14561

    You definitely did a good job at hiding your cables this time around Quinn.
    I remember your last room tour before you left their were cables everywhere
    lol. Nice video Quinn! 

  9. RemX405

    Love that headphone setup! I see you got into some Schiit lately, their
    amps are great too. I got the all tube (Valhalla) and man does it drive
    those HD650!

  10. energeez

    best setup ive owned schiit bifrost > schiit lyr > Audeze LCD-2. Try and
    get a listen to the Audeze’s they are the best.


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