25 thoughts on “Small Home Office Tour & Organization

  1. SimplyOrganized Meg

    I loved it at first but I didn’t stick with it very well. I really want to
    get back into it though.

  2. SimplyOrganized Meg

    I bought those at Home Depot. They’re really inexpensive and you buy each
    piece, including the mounting parts, separately.

  3. SimplyOrganized Meg

    Thank you for your advise. We plan on getting a fireproof safe for those
    types of items once we move into our new home this spring. We just moved
    out of that house and are in between homes right now 🙂

  4. Kimba911911

    I liked your binder system in lieu of a filing cabinet. But please, I got
    tired of hearing how you don’t want to show us your private information.
    You said it several times. If you do decide to do a financial binder video,
    perhaps you can put dummy sheets, or blank sheets of paper inside, so we
    could actually see more of how the actual papers look inside the binder.
    That was the part I was looking forward to – how much you punch holes in vs
    what you put in the pockets. Thank you.

  5. SimplyOrganized Meg

    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately it would be difficult to
    actually show you the specific papers that are in each category without
    showing personal information. The best I could offer there is a verbal

  6. L Daniels

    I like what you did but no offense I couldn’t watch too long because before
    I even got 5 minutes into the video you had to have said umm like 100
    times, seriously. 

  7. ted daffin

    i like your binder system , dollar tree and office depot have binder
    slevees ,open top or closed top that you can put things in with binder hole
    on them good video

  8. Brenda Anne OHearn

    Excellent video, thank you. My question is at the year’s end, where do you
    keep receipts and ect for that year?

  9. Christal Meyer

    I like your system. It is neat and looks nice too. Now to tackle my messy
    office. Thanks for these ideas.


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