25 thoughts on “Skinny house in LA: affordable, minimal, modern home/office

  1. Uriel D.B.

    I would have Closed the garden space and made it a semi open extension of
    the living room with tilted glass panels , a small fraction of that space
    could still be open, like an inverted plant cage,we’re in the cage and the
    little plant in the corner is actually outside . Loved what he did with the
    stairs and how he customized almost every appliance/shelving, the house
    still feels warm thanks to all the wooding.

  2. Sheila meri

    I love it!! Have you seen all the small homes that are on wheels that
    people are building? You have a castle!!!!

  3. Ididnotk illjfk

    hang on 15ft wide houses , not really THAT unique, here in the UK we’ve
    been doing it for at least the last 150 years, …there called victorian
    terraced houses, 2 rooms upstairs 2 rooms downstairs and originally an
    outside toilet approx footprint 225sq ft !

  4. Giovanni Berardinelli

    I love this house !!!!! But , you need a bit of privacy all the cars
    driving up to you at night with headlights on ??? Come on .. And need
    screens for those doors / windows . I do not like the doors for windows …
    I like to have a window open at night .. Does not feel secure . The kitchen
    ??? Like that idea.. But in reality I can see falling and toe stubbing
    happening . And price ?? For what you have the price is very high .. Really
    not worth the investment … I do like it overall … Just a lot of money
    for not getting much . 

  5. awudusnd

    lol when you bathe, you saw a bird shit on your head, expect you to get
    that with no roofs showering

  6. dkerris

    I see a very large problem: the stairs. When you’re young and have good
    knees it’d be alright. But for older folks or those with mobility issues?
    Not so much.

  7. Celeblas

    am I the only one who wanted to see the roof? looked like a garden up
    there. this is a cool house though.

  8. Kerrie Redgate

    A lovely build. Nice use of space. My inner Sydney loft apartment is only
    13 feet wide (4 meters), so this house looks fine to me! Love that little
    courtyard at the back. It’s great to have an outside space with a bit of
    nature when you are in a small space. (I have an open deck – saves me!).
    The design is very smart on the outside as well. Clever wooden windows with
    that railing. We may all need to learn to downsize as people have done in a
    crowded Europe for centuries, we may all need to have smaller footprints.
    Love it! Not Living Large, Living Smart.

  9. RM Barnes

    After looking at hundreds of tiny and ‘smaller’ home builds this one is
    near my favorite. Go to the link above for more description, floor
    plan, great photos and the amazing finished roof.
    This house is small, but the kitchen, shower, bedroom and appliances are
    not mini. Also there is access to the garage without going outside.
    Nice. And for the people below that were concerned about it, the bedroom
    has curtains))


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