25 thoughts on “Setup Tour Home Office

  1. Jaibeer Dugal

    Hey Armando I took you’re advise and decided to root my HTC sensation but
    then I encountered a error /sdcard/.android_secure can you help me please

  2. Chris Sparks

    Or do some give aways or something 🙂 jk…. Ik you probably worked hard
    for it, and giving stuff away isnt easy…..it was just a thought. I wish I
    had anything vlose to what you have, but thats what you get with hard
    work….so keep the good work man, and I love the videos 🙂

  3. Jeremy Holmes

    After setting up my recording studio and using 2 mons there, I now use my
    52″ tv as my pc mon and I actually like it more than the dual mon setup….

  4. dave mart

    this office sucks. “this is where i play with my tablets and toys” in my
    office I work and create things on my apple devices. Consumer.

  5. Karan Mehta

    Hey bro, I think you should do some giveaways. And if you do that, i would
    be the unluckiest one as i made the suggestion so my chances of winning any
    of the giveaway would be least!
    Btw nice office dude!


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