25 thoughts on “RIP – A Young Robin Williams on the Home Box Office 1977

  1. Frank M

    Cocaine or not.. He’s been at this High IMPROVE level for a very long time..

    Its called Imagination PPL !

  2. Hank Stone

    Was he stoned during this performance, or just bombed? In either event, he
    is a poor comedic act and unfunny.

  3. WinstonSmith6079

    In honor towards, in tribute to, and in memory of *Robin Williams* (1951 –

    He was a great, uniquely- and multi-talented Stand-Up Comedian, Comic
    Actor, and Comic Writer. R.I.P.

    #RobinWilliams #RIP 

  4. the60sKid

    Pure Genius…..R.I.P. Robin, you were appreciated and will be missed. Your
    pain is over but the world is a lesser place without you. Thanks for all
    the laughs over the years. 

  5. Ron Hunt

    *A Young Robin Williams on Home Office 1977*

    One of the first times I saw Robin Williams. I nearly died laughing.


  6. Curt Hoptry

    When I was informed of his passing my mind immediately went back to this
    moment when I first saw him. Robin thanks for all the chaos and whimsy… 

  7. La Leaf

    This is what comedians used to do. They’d try new things. Didn’t always
    work, but they’d put themselves out there. Now we have Russel Peters
    telling the same joke for years. Nothing but race humour. Sad!!!

  8. Nick Hentschel

    There’s a big influence from Andy Kaufman visible here, especially the
    “Russian” persona. That never occurred to me before . . . 

  9. TheGoldenSaber

    He should have just started doing coke again. At least he would have been
    happy. Addiction is better than death, and powder is baby shit compared to

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  11. thomas g

    Anyone remember an HBO stand up from around 1984 it was filmed in Hawaii i
    believe ,cant remember if it was Robin or Howdie 


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