24 thoughts on “Receipt Organizer for Home Office Organization

  1. peacefulheart

    Thank you for your passion! You are so inspiring! We all need to be
    passionate about our lives as well. I guess following our passions really
    does help inspire others :))

  2. Oshrat Molayem

    Finally finished my home office. Thanks for the inspiration Alejandra!
    Going on to the next project in my list!!!

  3. Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv

    In this video I show you how I organize all of my receipts in my home
    office! The process I show you in the video can be used for both business
    and personal receipts =)

  4. NicoleRtje

    Alejandra! Thank you so much for making these video’s, I followed your
    organizing tips and my room is so much organized then before! I really like
    your video’s! Again, thank you 😀

    xxx Nicole

  5. enenshi z

    If i has a lot of stuff like groceries and some things in one receipt, how
    can i separate them according to your system? Because i love your system so
    much but this little thing keep avoiding me from being organize

  6. Leighla Claiborne

    do you know of a program that, you can manually enter data? that way you
    can track how much you spend on different catigories. graph it

  7. TheGlamgoddessmakeup

    THANK You so much Alejandra!! I am a Freelance makeup artist and I have
    trouble with keep track of everything. I have been doing a similar process
    but your stylish and easy to understand techniques are super chic!! Great
    source for Tax season! I will share on My facebook page :)


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