17 thoughts on “Organized Home Office

  1. rowiegrl

    Wonderful! This is the nicest way I have ever seen important documents that
    you might have to grab in case of an emergency kept. Great Ideas, I hope to
    use. right now I have everthing in big White IKEA boxes. your way is so
    much better-LOVE the photo storage. One of the many projects I have been
    working on but am at a stand, I see now they all dont have to be exact to
    look great. Thank You for Sharing. I hope to see more on your file systems.
    have a great day/night : )

  2. TheTaffy4

    I love your talent for organizing, functional and fabulous looking. Please,
    please, do more. Thank-you for taking the time and effort to share with the
    rest of us!

  3. VintageChrystelle

    Great ideas, Becky! I’d love to see a video on the binder system! It’s wise
    to have the memories boxes that you can grab quickly. Friends of ours once
    lost everything in one of the Malibu fires; and we live in Earthquaky shaky

  4. BeckysFeatheredNest

    VintageChrystelle-Thank you Chrystelle, I will do the binder system next. I
    had to go through our first evacuation to find out I was lacking in this
    area of organizing and thought I never want to do that again. I lived in
    and grew up in California until the age of 16 and can remember the effects
    of earthquakes and fires. Be blessed my friend!

  5. HauteonDesign

    WOW! Becky, your office organization is Ahhh-mazing! Yes, yes, you must go
    into great detail about your binder system and receipt system.. Also love
    how you have everything ready for a quick evacuation. Never thought about
    it, but I am going to implement a plan such as yours now. Thanks for
    sharing and be blessed!

  6. ashmegjo

    I’d like to see more on your budgeting system. I’m trying to work one out
    for us and it helps to see someone else so organized show theirs for some
    guidance 🙂

  7. Tina F.

    Becky, I’m loving your videos! Where did you find those short hanging
    folders for your briefcase?? I didn’t know they exist, but they can be
    functional for SO many things!

    Great job in being clean and orderly, while being creative in how you do
    things! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  8. UpLiftingHome

    Loved this office tour…my head is still spinning…would love to see in
    slow motion lol. Have a great weekend!


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