25 thoughts on “Office 365 Home Premium – Review

  1. Steven Yang

    i have a question, i already installed office 2010 and i installed office
    2013 later, can i uninstall the office 2010? will the affect office 2013?
    plz answer, thanks

  2. Sky

    I think I read somewhere that once the final version of Office 2013 is
    released you have like from anywhere between 30-90 days to upgrade to that
    one otherwise it goes to read-only mode.

  3. Steven Yang

    okay, when that time happen, can i uninstall the office 2013 and use the
    office 2010? will office 2012 still work?

  4. oginundercover

    There some problem when you resizing lines on the autoshape. Try to make a
    line from shapes, then resize it. Did you experience this? It’s too
    annoying I think.

  5. Akaneik

    ok QUESTION : Ok if I install this and save a document to my email. Will
    2010 open it up because I have a project to do?

  6. Łukasz Kotkowski

    basically yes, but with extended functionality of Cloud acces and
    simultaneous editing of a given document by several people

  7. Fatih Al-Aydrus

    For your own goods. I think, you better use Fraps to record screen and
    Camtasia to edit your video as usual.. Thanks 🙂

  8. Kolawole Eniojukan

    it will be great if I can subscribe to individual products in the OFFICE
    365 Suite. word and excel only for example

  9. Ash

    Office 365 email service is by far the worst, the least user-friendly, or
    better to say the most anti-user email domain that I have ever used. Yahoo,
    AOL, Gmail, AIM, etc. services from 10+ years ago are more advance than
    this piece of trash (Office 365 email)! Microsoft, you are getting worse
    day by day!


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