25 thoughts on “My new stock trading office setup

  1. Analyn Cheavers

    This is really a beautiful monitor. My whole PC experience has changed dramatically. I have so much more space in everything I do and the color are so vibrant.

  2. John David Givhan

    Hello i have been looking into buying penny stock and i havent found a
    place to buy.. and mainly because i cant afford large stock.. can you help
    me get started.. 

  3. Hydrojn

    thanks for sharing, that looks like DAS trader platform, i am looking for
    monitors, for DAS, but DAS said 1080 was best, i guess this proves that
    wrong at 2560×1440.. does it refresh rate above 60hz? don;t know if it
    really matters if your watching stocks instead of gaming..

  4. Banchuba

    Do you think modern passiv graphic cards with 3 monitor connections are
    enought for to trading? I want to have it silent but i am unsure if the
    graphiccard speed is enought. Atm i have a GF 680 fromNvidia with 4GB Ram,
    but this i want sort out because it eats so much power all the time when i
    only trade and and not gaming :-)

  5. Ronin 187

    are you a penny stock trader by any chance? is it good to trade penny
    stocks? and how do you find trading penny stocks?
    thanks in advanced

  6. jayzee

    Thats phat what was overall costs? Id like to also ask how much did the
    whole set up cost you and which broker you use

  7. Lee Rodwell

    Hi there,

    Nice set up. : )

    Don’t suppose you could ask your donator where they got the bull canvas. I
    love it and really want one. I have just searched online and can’t find

    I’d be really grateful. : )

    Kind regards,


  8. Angelin Guraj

    Hey I’ve been in IU for a while too.. nice set up don’t upgrade for the 4k
    monitors just yet imo. By the way, you don’t use time & sales? 

  9. Tribe Cat Tribute

    Good setup man, love that. I agree with your thoughts, I actually manage 4
    27″ AOC with the same resolution as your 27″, and with the 2 new nvidia gtx
    750Ti series, the ones based on Maxell chipset, they work perfectly without
    consuming too much and with no heat problems at all. Thanks to our trading
    platform job, we can afford it. Keep going!

  10. bulltraderpt

    That looks a nice set up.

    My spec is I think similar, but I didn’t build it I got mine built for me:

    1xCOO -RS520-SPM, 1 x ASR-Z87M-PRO4 (ATX intel Skt 1150 Mother board), 1 x
    INT-i7-4770 (Intel i7 Haswell 4770k up to 3.9 GHZ Quad Core 1150
    Processor), 1 x GIG-GV-N6500C (Gigabyte GV-N650OC-2GI Nvidia GTX650 2 GB
    Graphics Card), 2 x ZEP-8GBD31333 (Zeppelin 8gb (1x) Ddr3 1333mhz Pc Memory

    This allows me to run four monitors without issues, married to a (UK) BT
    infinity bb connection at up to 75 Mb.

    I only day trade UK stocks. Cheers!

  11. Gustavo

    Nice setup. Do you have two PCs?If yes, what software do you use to move
    screens around the monitors?


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