13 thoughts on “My Home Office

  1. christinachowders

    Wow, gorgeous! Want to implement something like this in my downtrodden home
    office but I’ll need an angel investor or something. That’s why I’m hoping
    to win Pimp My Cube later this month, it’s cute, you make a video about
    your decrepit office and then have your friends and fam come vote. If I
    win, will def bookmark this!

  2. dannylebowski305

    @christinachowders love the look here too, and that contest doesn’t sound
    too bad, will forward to my family, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Jane Veldhoven

    @christinachowders After transforming offices for clients and now for
    myself I believe that having an office that you love actually brings you
    more success. So, don’t wait, do it now!

  4. Rick Geller

    You should remove the bottom wood frame piece from the under eve cabinet,
    so when you roll out your plastic containers on wheels they can truly be
    rolled in and out without any obstructions. If you feel by doing so you may
    lose some integrity with the bottom piece of frame removed, then simply use
    and “L” shape angle bracket and secure it to one side of the cabinet and
    the other to the floor.

  5. Jane Veldhoven

    Good idea – thankfully I don’t go into that cabinet all that often and
    actually pull the bins all the way out over that threshold so no worries. I
    hope you enjoyed the video.

  6. Jane Veldhoven

    Thanks Tonya. I do have a few good ideas here and there – LOL! My office is
    an especially tricky space with the sloping ceiling and under eave storage.

  7. Leena Circle Page

    your office organization looks very simple yet it still looks functional.
    there is no need for the complicated high-tech gear but a simple tucked
    away nick-knacks does do its job to take control of your effective daily
    activities without the worry of stumbling over the clutter we usually have.
    bravo. kudos for you. you sure inspire me to become more neatly tidy –
    thank you for showing your clean work room – hopefully you would show more
    of your next work room next time. 🙂 :)

  8. Jane Veldhoven

    Thanks Leena for your comments. You hit on one of the most important
    pieces of successful organization – keep it simple!


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