14 thoughts on “My Home Office Tour

  1. Lisa Farrow

    Great office space, so light and airy! It has been fun watching the
    transformation, you have done a fabulous job in this room 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Wende Kelly

    Love your office! You can always reupholster the office desk chair! I did
    mine like that in a pink damask! Turned out gorgeous!!! 

  3. DixieDebutantes

    Your mother is amazing! She must really love you to give you so much fun
    stuff! 😉
    FYI it’s ampersand not amber stamp, love you! Mean it!

  4. Theresa S

    You did an exceptional job on your office. I love the colors you used and
    the way it’s so beautifully organized….Great video!!!!!


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