25 thoughts on “My Home Office Tour – How I Set Up My Home Office For Optimal Productivity

  1. David Simon

    Very nice place to live. I hope you’ll get even better mansion in a sooner
    future. I believe in you that you’ll become a billionaire one day 🙂 

  2. Ntathu Allen

    Thanks for sharing and allowing us into your personal space. Very pure and
    sacred energy, especially your morning ritual area and vision board. Stay
    well and enjoy Brazil. 

  3. Khushal Khan

    Stefan when I see this I see the power to live life the way you want to
    without having to obey anyone else’s rules or take anyone else’s shit. I
    also see complete independence and not having to ask anyone for anything. 

  4. Agaerh AEGb

    Stefan, you are a powerhouse. Don’t know many people who are as
    diligent, determined, committed, and successful as you. What I like is how
    you take action to everything you learn and stay 100% committed to it
    throughout. Now you have success in all aspects of your life: financial,
    relationship, health, etc.

    Need to learn from you more!

  5. Jonatan Dimotta

    I think You can replace your macbook and the iPad for 1 surface pro 3 with
    i5 or i7 processor. Also you have the pen in the surface that is add more

  6. Suzy Keleher

    I NOTICED NO PAPER, FILES or clutter…wow…how do you not have files?
    All computer? thank you for sharing…please stay in touch

  7. Henrik Sandbacka

    Inspiring. Love the frosted whiteboard, went out and bought one after seing
    this vid. What managment software do you use?

  8. Derek Townsley

    I am so inspired by your success, you deserve everything you have. Well
    done and your home is stunning… And I found out we have the same coach

  9. John Coltrane

    Hello Stefan! Can I ask you one question, my friend?

    I’m thinking about buying your “Kindle Money Mastery” but I’m not sure if I
    can make that kind of Amazon business from Europe, where I live right now?
    Do you have any idea how it looks?

    Great apartment btw, really love it.

  10. My Own BS

    I’ll love to keep your discipline; I’m an organize person but my big fault
    is starting something and at times not finish it. I really like what you
    have on the whiteboard and write things that keep you in focus each day, I
    started a small whiteboard to keep me on track with things. Thanks Stefan.

  11. RedMoonRising24

    Great inspirational stuff. I’ve been following your channel for almost 2
    years. Inspiring to see you actually put in place and make it happen the
    goals you had for yourself! Can you or have you done a video that focuses
    on the spiritual fitness part of your life?

  12. avenegedslaterfold

    Firstly thanks stephan for sharing your personal life, it’s appreciated.
    Just a quick question i had for you (or anyone else that can answer), was
    do you/people rent places such as this? Or do you buy them?

    Hope this isn’t too personal. Many thanks 🙂 


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