10 thoughts on “My Home Office Tour 2015

  1. Comeca Jones

    Gorgeously simple. Oh paint over the bicycle in the canvas that teal color
    and leave it there I think its a nice touch.

  2. Lisa T. King

    Beautiful! It is so clean and organized. Where did you get the little
    table you have your printer on? I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Michelle at Home

    I love your office!!! Dreaming of the day when my hubby moves all his stuff
    out of ours so I can move in 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  4. mom2triplets04

    Wow beautiful. Wish you lived closer to me. I so need help with getting
    rid of clutter. My craft room is slowly getting decluttered from all the
    scrapping stuff I accumulated when I was a paper scrapper.

  5. Donique Mears

    I love your space…… what is the name of the skinny bookcases you have
    with the doors on the bottom. I am looking for something like that. I have
    the wider shelves from target (the threshold Carson collection) but cant
    find the skinny ones. 

  6. FiloFaxyGirl

    @Donique Mears Thanks! They were a part of the Threshold Carson Collection
    as well. They only had them online and they were being clearanced out. I
    don’t think they make them anymore :-(


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