25 thoughts on “My Home Office in Hong Kong

  1. vampyrgirlie

    Thanks for the inspiring video! I’m gonna move to a smaller flat pretty
    soon, so I will keep a look out for a collapsible table now =) Love your
    videos <3

  2. Vineetha Babu

    Just commenting cause I think you’ll reply….
    Lol jk
    Love you and your videos. Gets me so excited to see you in my subscription
    Box! <3

  3. BeaMak

    Hi KL! I love your videos so much! They are so creative gave me lots of
    inspirations for DIY projects! I have been following you for quite a while
    and was quite surprised that you decided to move to Hong Kong. As for those
    who have been living in places with plenty of open area like the States, it
    should be quite difficult to cope with such a packed city like Hong Kong!
    So I’m kinda curious to know what brings you to Hong Kong and how are
    things going so far :)))
    p.s. I live in Hong Kong as well (the Mid-Levels to be precise :D) I really
    hope we can bump into each other (maybe at the Central-Mid-Levels
    escalator) someday ;)))))
    Keep it up!:DDD Luv ya xoxo

  4. xaracrocker

    OH MY GOSH DID I HEAR BELIZE?!!!!!?!?!?!?! Waaaahoooo! Being recognized
    even though the picture you said was taken in Cancun!
    jlsfdj;safj;djafkslfdj I can’t believe it 😀 My country! Anyways, it was
    wonderful seeing your office space. The window space really does make the
    room seem larger than it actually is. It’s absolutely beautiful [; Can’t
    wait for your other videos [: The DIY wall is really lovely.

  5. alialiali1102

    ingenious small ways to maximise space! HK rent is just too expensive to
    have large space, unless ure up in saikung/ discovery bay 🙁
    hope to see you around hong kong :D

  6. chippychic

    It is very cool… Thanks for sharing.. I feel like I went on vacation…
    Chipper up little missy!! You are loved…

  7. PinkDandelion

    The apartment is actually considered to be quite roomy compared w/ most of
    the flat in HK.
    P.s.Hong Kong girl here

  8. alienjoonster lala

    I also live in Hong Kong! Just moved here from California a bit over a year
    ago to study at a university here. I was surprised about how cramped Hong
    Kong is, but I like it nevertheless :)

  9. Amy Hoang

    your office space in Hong Kong looks pretty big….I like it. you inspire
    me to work on my office space in my home too! thank you for sharing!!! 🙂
    <3 Virtual Hugs KL!!!

  10. A Vintage Vanity

    You did such an amazing job organizing such a small space and making it
    look so pretty! 😀 Makes me realize how much I need to re-organize my
    sewing and filming space! I’m inspired! 

  11. IversonDesigns

    Love it! That heart wall is just amazing! I’m going to get a craft room
    soon and I think I’m going to paint a wall just like that. Ok, I totally
    am. 😀 TFS! You’re so creative! 🙂 

  12. Joanne Chan

    I am local HKer!Actually HK has little land that’s why the rent is very
    expensive and the space is small. Ps.Welcome to HK!

  13. Roxiee Morqan

    Nice Space , My Mother Is Into What You Do. She Kinda Feel Off, But Once In
    A While I’ll Show Her Your Videos To Get Her Wantinq To Get Back In There
    And Desiqn. She Likes This Video, She Said “Very Nice” lol – But Nice Home
    Office , Keep Up The Good Work <3

  14. Crystal IslandGirl

    there is a weird reflection on your recent videos not sure if the sense is
    durty or if its from the lights in the background reflecting on the camera


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