25 thoughts on “My Custom Home Office Tour and Setup – SPI TV Ep. 2

  1. Lynne Knowlton

    +Pat Flynn you are awesome sauce!! Thanks for pulling back the curtain and
    sharing your home office space!! LOVE!! Big hugs, Lynne!

  2. Thomas Frank

    So I’m moving in a few months, and my plan has always been to try emulating
    my current room as closely as possible when that happens – but I think
    you’ve just inspired me to try working in a standing work area now.

    Also, your Macbook decal is awesome :)

  3. Yannick Ilunga

    Just finished watching this, thanks for giving us behind-the-scenes access
    to the SPI lab! 😀 Love how you have organized your office into specific
    areas, where you do specific tasks! – Yann

  4. MegTV

    I;m all about the dream office too 🙂 and I totally sneaked into your talk
    at NMX Pat! Thanks for sharing, very inspirational for my dream office.

  5. The Audacity to Podcast

    Thanks for sharing! I’m considering building my own space, too.

    What was the approximate cost of the shell construction?

  6. TheRykerDane

    Very Cool Pat! I love the office space. Thats a lot of good tools packed
    into one space. Before you created the space did you think of using the
    desks that rise and lower for sitting and standing? I really need to stand
    more and I was wondering if they are worth the investment or if its better
    to get a setup like yours? (computer station for sitting and table station
    for standing) Thanks for everything you do Pat, I would love to meet you
    one day!

  7. Luis Ramos

    +Pat Flynn Love the space! I’d like to know more about the soundproof
    walls, fabrics, carpet… And about the lightning you’re using when Caleb
    shots the videos… (I guess you use extra lights, not only the ones in the
    room). I’m going to model many ideas from your space! There’s great thought
    put on this! Cheers mate!!

  8. logiejamie

    amazing office. I love all the whiteboard surface, something I’ve been
    looking into. And can’t be more on board with the back to the future
    content everywhere! Was that a flux capacitor logo on the lap top at the

  9. Andy McClung

    I am floored by the fact that you still have the $5 I gave you pinned to
    your inspiration board! The website you inspired me to created just paid
    for my new iMac that was delivered today ironically enough. 🙂 Your
    office looks amazing, and I am beyond happy for you and your success.
    Thank you for everything you do to help the niche & business community.

  10. Don Morgan

    Very Neat stuff. Will have to try your stand up method. One thing I will
    do to help me think and concentrate is go to a local state park, lake etc.
    and read and concentrate from there. In this winter season I work in the
    car and face a lake, stream or woods or some other natural scenery! When
    the temperature heads to more comfortable territory (19 degrees today!)
    I’ll park a chair out on the grass, walk down a trail & find a rock to sit
    on and/or make use of a picnic table or bench! Thank You Pat Flynn for all
    you do!

  11. Manny Gongora

    +Pat Flynn I love the office, have you thought about placing some lighting
    behind the whiteboard, perhaps running LED that you can turn it on/off as
    you like? That would look pretty sweet!

  12. A Torrent of Videos

    Very nice office +Pat Flynn A standing desk is a life changer. We weren’t
    made to sit for long periods of time.

    My ‘office’ is actually larger than yours, but way less cool :)

  13. Strother Gaines

    Hey Pat! Great to see the space and maybe even more importantly the
    backpack so I can ID you at Heroic Public Speaking next week. Looking
    forward to meeting you in person! 

  14. Paul Minors

    Awesome video Pat. I’ve been waiting for this tour and see what your
    workspace looks like. I agree that having a quality workspace is really
    important for being productive and producing your best work. I love the
    fact that you had an interior designer help you with the room, it looks
    great and I hope to have my own custom made office one day!

  15. Amy Tran

    Wow Pat, your office is AMAZING! I think it’s really cool that you keep all
    of your fan’s letters/mail/etc on that board. Great idea for motivation!
    Btw, I’ve only listened to your podcast for about 3 weeks, and I have to
    admit, I am totally hooked! Looking forward to many more podcast and TV
    shows on youtube from you. Thanks for everything you do! -Amy 

  16. Александр Небылица

    Pat, is it always so clean in this room and things are standing on right
    places? Or sometimes it is mess there? I just want to know did you clean it
    for video tour or you are person who like when everything is on it’s place
    and do not do mess?:)

  17. Alain Patry

    OMG I’m so jealous in a good way! Congratulations! Just a question about
    your chairs, as you didn’t go over them. I’m needing to replace my 17 year
    old chair and I’ve been trying out a few. I was told that white vinyl looks
    great in the showroom but gets dirty very fast and is hard to clean. Have
    you had any problems with that? Also, what model are your chairs and why
    did you choose those? I was kind of expecting high back executive chairs

  18. Jay Taylor

    Really good stuff, you inspire a lot of people to go after their dreams. I
    just want to say thank you +Pat Flynn. Also in the midst of launching my
    own website and media podcast, and would love once it is set up for you to
    take a look and give some critical feedback. 


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