5 thoughts on “Murphy Doors – Hidden Doors for your home or office

  1. Iraq Locker

    ابواب مخفية في معرض للابواب في امريكا – لاس فيغاس

    تفيدنا هالابواب مو ؟؟!!!

    #معرض #ابواب_مخفية
    Murphy Doors – Hidden Doors for your home or office

  2. He Ka

    a bookshelf with hinges… you really need these factory made because its
    extremely complicated and only high end engineers can make em.

  3. Micah Kayslinowski

    $1200 for some wood? or … Buy a pre-hung SOLID core door, take the door
    out of the jam, and cut out the center. Build a simple lightweight (clear
    pine) bookshelf the same size of the cutout and add a trim “lip” on all
    stiles of all four sides, then nail or screw it in cutout of the door
    (might need to re-inforce the hinges with stronger or bigger ones. Voila!

  4. Diozark

    Ridiculous Price,
    Hide a Door ,
    Much More Reasonable.
    Just because of the Inflated crazy ” Let Us Rip You Off Price for the
    I would Not recommend this to anyone.


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