16 thoughts on “Minecraft Indoors – Elegant Home Office (S2E5)

  1. Zueljin Gaming - Minecraft, Indie, and More

    Minecraft Indoors – Elegant Home Office Design on Camera with Soratex
    Fanver & FlowsHD

  2. Swagy Corn

    in hermitcraft (vannila) put a sign in the nether hub saying 5 diamond
    entry fee and when people come start acting like a bouncer and show their
    reaction! also great build!

  3. Life With Teens & Other Wild Things

    That’s pretty cool. Now I’m curious to see if you’ve played BTeam. You
    could do some pretty amazing things with the Forge Microblocks mod. :)

  4. protoman111

    Z, it seems like the link to the picture used for this video does not
    match: that’s the link for the bathroom you made last episode.

    The 4×4 painting as it looks really good. Even without the white border
    around it looks good recessed with spruce on each side.


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