25 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2013 Setup on Windows – Office 365 Home Premium Preview

  1. PhoneRadar

    Did you get any error screen? Because if you check out the above video the
    installation process went smooth for us.

  2. Teomino

    U dumb ass … takes lots of time coz SGS3 listening for longer, but as we
    saw u didnt even notice that … so leave doing reviews on professionals pls

  3. lightningsmokerXx

    The frequency in which office is released & cost every time it’s released
    is beyond ridiculous. But that’s no different than any other software out
    there i suppose.

  4. magabite

    please update your vedio or you will be removed new terms and rules are
    being made to youtube I sugest you read it any inactive youtube accounts
    will be removed

  5. j7ndominica

    No amount of background “wrapping up” will disguise the horrendous *bloat*
    that is in the latest release. PowerPoint and Word hung in “not responding”
    state, and the Word process had to be killed. lol

  6. magdalena serra

    ya lo había descargado por compra, pero en el escritorio me sale open
    office, y lo que compre es Microsoft office, tengo que instalarlo de nuevo?


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