19 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student – Complete Overview on Windows 8 December 2013

  1. John McLean

    doesn’t Microsoft price increases/subscription offerings as of late scare
    anyone? If there business keeps increasing like this doesn’t anyone else
    think that Microsoft could end up having the same business model as apple.

  2. ethan smith

    how do i do this with a disc and will i need a dvd tray? i do have a flash
    media reader tray… or something like that

  3. leftcoast562

    I don’t like any of these new products. Privacy seems to be disappearing.
    Why do I have to be online to use this new office? It links everything
    even when you aren’t online and wants to sync photos and everything else.
    Just keep it simple like it used to be. It is ridiculous. Windows 8 sucks
    as well.

  4. Kevin Hamilton

    How did you get the tool bar on the bottom with App links to it? I need to
    get to the classic WIn 7 View on my Windows 8.

  5. Ted Ferris

    I bought microsoft office home and student and it came with a card. I
    followed all of the steps to download office, but it only downloaded the
    setup. I ran through that, expecting Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Onenote to
    download, but they didn’t! Does anyone know how to download them? Thanks! 


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