25 thoughts on “Man Questions Walmart Home Office about Jade Helm15

  1. HighImpactFlix

    Something Walmart’s Home Office said that was very interesting. See what
    you think. Comment, Like & Share

  2. Michael Bartholomew

    The scary thing is you don’t lie this blatantly unless you know you will
    never have to answer for it. Every fiber in my being is telling me
    something bad is about to happen. And this goes to the military as well
    they have entirely too much equipment being moved for an exercise. You
    would need millions of troops to man it. God be with us! 

  3. moormagic1

    You know what upsets me about Walmart, they forced all the small
    businesses, the mom and pop stores out of business. Especially in rural
    areas and small towns and now these people are out unemployed and no where
    to shop.

  4. David Kendall

    This guy is just reciting what he was told to recite. I don’t even think
    the military knows the real intention of the “exercise”. Obama confiscating
    all those National Guard helicopters makes me think they are preparing for
    war against US on our soil against a good portion of our troops.

  5. Patricia Holloway

    6,0000 retails stores announce closing, but Walmart’s never close. What’s
    up ?This gentlemen called, and ask what is going on? Video @ 10 min.

  6. SkipSpotter

    (Q): What impact are these closed stores, having on shoppers lives? Are
    products such as food, water, still obtainable in other shops locally? Here
    in the UK, we have various supermarkets such as *ASDA* which is owned by
    the *Walmart* group.

  7. 7seven7

    If they are remodeling, they have to have permits.
    If they are remodeling without permits, the contractors are breaking the
    Plans have to be submitted and approved before permits are given.
    Let’s see some proof!

  8. Rosemarie Calabro

    Man Questions Walmart Home Office about Jade Helm15

    Watch this video – great info & fact’s…..

  9. PrognatusSeptem

    Thank you for posting this.
    My wife and left the USA 9 months ago after spending the last 8 years as
    researchers into the NWO and its various facets.
    Our message to all North Americans (including Canada)…..

    GET OUT NOW !!!


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