16 thoughts on “Install Office 365 Home Premium on Windows 8

  1. poop stain

    I have windows 8 then I bought office 2013 and when I shut down it said it
    had an update and the next time I turned my pc on I had office 365. I love
    the auto update signing me up for a piece of software that requires yearly
    fees. I’m not joking either.

  2. Sascha Christmann

    Office 365 is actual cheaper then 2013. Yes you pay yearly fees. But you
    can install it on 5 Machines and when Office 2015 comes out you have it
    without any extra costs.

  3. Katie & Emil

    I like this model which is particularly interesting for those who want to
    have latest version of Excel… like myself …

  4. madmax

    Thanks a lot for your help videos. These are great! It would be nice to
    have a link to your site available on your youtube pages. The other
    suggestion I had was to have an index of your videos / category etc on your
    site (if possible) for easy search.

  5. Katie & Emil

    Hi Thanks for your comments. This ideas are on our feedback . katieandemil
    . com and we will implement them soon (Sprint 4 or 5 – more updates in
    newsletter / Linked in group) Take care Emil

  6. Katie & Emil

    Office 365 has extra “cloud” functionality that allows to edit/share
    documents in a browser with very limited functionality. You still get 2013
    with most Office 365 subscriptions.

  7. Dreamcatcher

    This video was great. I was having trouble getting office 365 to download.
    I did the uninstall of the other version but it was still telling me I had
    to uninstall it. Thank you for showing how to go into “REGEDIT” to get rid
    of the empty folder. Finally got office 365 installed and running.

  8. Muhminat Aliu-Otokiti

    first 21 seconds all i thought was DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO LIVE
    MY LIFE!! Dont do that again

  9. Lars Sundström

    I really think it is refreshing looking at a video that have all the faults
    that happen out there. Thanks Katie&Emil.

  10. Robert Keenan

    Thanks for not just making another install video, but real time error
    for the product.


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