7 thoughts on “INSANE: Before & After Home Office!! NO WAY!!

  1. Elba Plaza

    Thanks for posting this video, my office looks just like your’s did. I’m
    not very creative so I was struggling with how to get my self organized so
    I can have everything at my finger tips. Love the tips and ideas. Thank
    you, Thank you!

  2. Adeva Hotz

    Thank you for this video. I am really bad at organizing, but I have a
    strong desire to one day be organized. I am currently working on building
    and organizing my office today since Saturday 8/9/14, I just bought a bunch
    of storage stuff that was on sale and now I need to put it all together and
    put things into homes.

  3. Holly Foster

    hi michelle you are awesome! i was wondering if you can post your video on
    what to send our clients when we mail their order. thanks girl. 

  4. Beyonca De La Paz

    Hi Michelle! I’m one of your older followers in DESPERATE search for your
    video on how exactly you have your inventory organized. 


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