9 thoughts on “How To Squeeze A Home Office Into A Small Home (Office Tour)

  1. BellaCreativa

    Nice space! You can stick the surge protector with velcro under the desk. I
    got mine at home depot :)

  2. SewOrganized

    My son has severe food allergies too! As well as Aspergers along with a
    communication disorder. He’s now going on 17 this year and eats whatever he
    wants especially while out with friends(he comes home sick sometimes from
    not eating right) when kids get older how do you encourage them to stick to
    what’s best for them? That’s the tricky and challenging part of being a
    parent. And frustrating as well! Lol! Great job and good luck on your

  3. Dimi GT

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I live in an even smaller space but I’m
    sure I can make it better by ‘stealing’ 🙂 some of your ideas. Thanks again

  4. Jenifer Schellhaas

    Great video! TFS! It’s always great to see how other SAHM stay organized.
    Would love to see vid on the rest of your filing system. :)

  5. Jenn V.

    thanks for sharing just found your channel if you have time please check
    out mine….hope to see more videos from you in the future

  6. My Half-Caff Life

    Great video! Ikea sells drawer units called Alex. They’d probably fit under
    the Expedit.

  7. Mrs Wright

    Please come and teach me how to organize my tiny apartment! Baby will be
    here soon to make it even more out of order and I suck at this! Teach me
    your ways!!! (And I am your sister so this isn’t as weird as it looks … 🙂

  8. 706keisha

    What great ideas! Would love to see how you organize your home management
    binder! I love your videos, by the way!


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