25 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Business At Home & Office Tour

  1. Marie

    Nikki you are amazing.My husband and I just purchased the peg board and
    trim the same as you have. My home is about 100 years old in New England
    and I have this odd nook in the upstairs landing. I am copying you since I
    have a small jewelry bridal business. I love the color coding to separate
    business and another for home. I keep watching your video and stopping to
    see how you did something. Thank you so much. You are a god send. 

  2. Bren Gar

    Nikki you have done it again! I really enjoyed this video. right now i am
    also trying to revamp my Jewelry work space, and the funny thing is I love
    green to, I would send you a pic if i could. My space is about the same or
    smaller in the corner of my kitchen, wish i had space for a studio, 3 bed
    single story home is tight with 3 children. I have put my business on hold
    for a year to focus on family and my home. 2013 is my decluttering and
    organizing for my home, for family it’s tasking (2) boys to learn to pick
    up after themselves and getting my Daughter properly placed in school with
    all needed supports, probably soon to be in litigation, exhausting. Anyhow,
    I am so glad I’m getting top notch ideas from you. I am going to try to
    watch all your videos. Thank you!

  3. Yaya216

    I LOVE your videos! They are informational and your ideas are always
    stylish! I do have a question. Do you have children? If so, how old are
    they, and how do you manage caring for the kids, running a business, and
    keeping your house in order? My daughter is three and I work outside of the
    home. Do you have any suggestions on how I can be more efficient and
    organized? Thank you so much… You are awesome!

  4. Bling

    Love how you compacted so much Function in this space! Like what you did
    with the Binders! Thanks Nikki!

  5. Veronica Perez

    Nikki, great video as always! Where can we see/purchase your jewelry? Do
    you have an ebay or etsy account? Thanks and many blessings!

  6. Ladyknitta

    Ugg my space is awful ….being organized is truly a talent , and you are
    gifted honey , great job 

  7. tressfreecre8tions

    Awesome office!! My business currently consumes my guest room. Most
    definitely once I move to a new place my goal is to pair down the office
    space…great idea 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  8. Paulette Russell

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Recently opened a weebly account. I
    used the free website. Can’t use ecommerce. Do I need to upgrade to

  9. Ann Marie

    I have a question. Where do you actually make the jewelry? I see this as
    an office withe the jewelry hanging up, and it gave me an idea for my
    daughters crafts and things. But I realized that there was not a space to
    actually make the crafts and jewelry as you need more elbow room to do
    that. And my daughter can’t use the kitchen table as its in use a lot.
    She has one bedroom with a very narrow under the staircase closet. But I
    know I could set this up on a wall for her and maybe have another area for
    her to make the crafts next to the office desk. Please share where you
    construct your jewelry. 

  10. Pam Fo

    Hello Niki, I am soo pleased that I found your videos. They are very
    helpful to me in starting my home business as well as organizing my life.
    Keep up the good work, I am subscribed an I always look forward to your

  11. 777NJA

    Wonderful and inspirational video. When ever I feel stuck in my business
    or need a home organization idea- I visit your channels. I went shopping
    at Staples yesterday and picked up my FIRST label maker, colored notebooks
    for my now nicely organized business desk. Organized and ready for
    business for the first time in MONTHS! This was just what I needed to
    reinvigorate myself and my business process. Next to create your walls
    units in my office closet. I do have a quick question, have you had any
    issues with your jewelry tarnishing? Thank you Nikki :). Norma-Jean


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