25 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Office Closet (Part 5 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

  1. Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv

    New video posted! 🙂 How to Organize Your Office Closet (Part 5 of 9 Home
    Office Organization Series)

  2. Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv

    @Catie King-Smith- I can’t reply to you because I don’t think your G+ is
    connected to YT! Anyway, my shirt is from the J. Crew Outlet! I got it
    recently so they may still have it 🙂 I’m happy to hear you are enjoying my
    organizing program :)

  3. Sarah O.

    Alejandra, great as always! Thumbs up! Can you pleeeeeease do a video on
    how to organize gift wrapping papers and accessories??

  4. Juvenal Mena

    I also keep all my to-do list and agendas it’s a great way to look back and
    take things you wanted to do before!

  5. Juliane B

    Maybe you can’t tell us in the videos where all of your supplies come from,
    but when you post a video, could you tell us where the main items were
    purchased? Like, the shoe boxes that fit so perfectly onto the shoe
    stackers? I might go and buy 16 or 20 boxes and then find they don’t quite
    fit, and I’d rather not have to do that. Would you say that 85% of your
    stuff comes from The Container Store? I think most sweater hanging shelves
    are not sturdy enough to store anything that has weight, like paper. Are
    those from The Container Store as well? Thanks for doing this, you are an
    inspiration for those of us who aren’t naturally this organized but have
    aspirations of getting there!

  6. BlueBeautyGalaxy

    Thanks! for the tips! I just moved in to a new house and I had to
    reorganize since before I shared my office with my dad but now I don’t so
    this helped me a lot! I am a really good student but I would like to see a
    video made by you on how to clean or organize your backpack or room
    something school related! Thanks! love the video! <3

  7. Chelsea Kenopic

    Thank you for all your amazing videos! I think I have re-watched several
    of them to refresh my inspiration for projects, thank you! Please keep
    posting so many great ideas and solutions. Have you considered Subbable? 

  8. ssgaines06

    Love your videos! Where did you purchase the shelves and what brand are
    they? I have been looking for something like this. Thanks!

  9. rebeccadawns

    Your binder & box labels are always placed just PERFECTLY. Any tips??? It
    makes a huge difference in the overall appearance. Thanks!

  10. Jocelyn Kelley

    Hey Alejandra! I love your videos and they are so helpful! Can you do a
    video on your To Do Lists? I noticed in this video that you said you have
    kept all of your old to do lists and it looks like you keep them in a
    filofax-type planner. Can you do a planner video? 

  11. Iyanna Lyles

    Hi Alejandra ! I love your videos, hands down best organizer on YT. I love
    the gift wrap idea because I never know what to do with it. Also do you
    have any ideas on storing hair products (brushes, conditioners etc) thanks
    a lot ❤️

  12. Susan

    What model no and brand of label maker do you use for the JUMBO labels? I
    love those!
    Also where do you get the JUMBO time? Thank you.

  13. Kja13

    love how you go into great detail like how you hung the sweater hanger
    thing backwards etc, it really does help people who want to know how it all
    works – love your videos :)

  14. Elias Perez

    Alejandra, you can always purchase job ticket sleeves available at any
    office supply store or cropper hopper to store your different colored
    paper, then place the ticket holders in a magazine rack face down on its
    side, and then label the sleeves with the name of the cardstock/color of
    paper, and place in color order. It would take up less room than the
    sweater holder, but would require shelf space. I love using those quarter
    gallon zip lock baggies to store the paper stuffing used in gift bags also!


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