25 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Home: Organizational Expert Alejandra Costello’s House Tour

  1. Charley Gregory

    I feel like she just did this for the video but in real life she is one
    messy biatch my opinion !

  2. Jenny W Chan - OrigamiTree.com

    What do you suggest we do about dust? 🙁 I keep my paper out and
    everything gets all dusty! 

  3. Linda Doucet-Fowlkes

    I like your ideas but damn the things you use are so expensive. I wish
    there was a twin of you that was cheap. lol I love your designs bit no way
    I could accomplish these.

  4. Marylou Gomez

    Wow! girl i love how you organized!! I have 3 teens actually 4 with my
    hubby lately they all just dont pick up after themselves. drives me crazy I
    been trying to organize everything somehow by the end of the week its all
    caotic …lol my room is mostly the one that stays organized. and i wooul
    love to do that with my makeup but dont have my own rr. only 1 br in the
    apartment. yes i live in an 2BR apt. thanks for sharing! 

  5. ann-marie köhler

    I will definitely use some of those tips so thank you for this helpful
    video but I am also shocked. I would probably go crazy in this house. It’s
    WAY too clean for me haha x

  6. K Squared Services LLC

    Organizing your home has never been this easy with the help of
    Organizational Expert Alejandra.

    How to Organize Your Home: Organizational Expert Alejandra Costello’s House

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  7. Helen Drossos

    HI!! Next week I will be to a new place and my boy and me are watching the
    video! We both thank you! Because we believe that a real woman should have
    like this her privet place or office. Of course all these staff are
    customized on us!! See you around. Love from Vienna!!!

  8. halanzukhana

    I vote for a segment called “Alejandra, come save me I’m drowning under the
    weight of my own closet and no matter how many videos i watch it’s not
    getting better!” I would like to be first candidate please XD


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