24 thoughts on “How to Organize Small Things (Part 8 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

  1. Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv

    New video posted! How to Organize Small Things (Part 8 of 9 Home Office
    Organization Series)

  2. Diane Starr-Jordan

    Alejandra, can you come to my house to organize every room??!! ;-). I don’t
    know what happened to me over the years. Used to clean regularly by put
    with age and “stuff”, it has become impossible. I have a painting studio in
    a basement bedroom and a craft room for scrapbooking in the smaller bedroom
    upstairs. Just not enough room for everything! Lol. The plastic containers
    with the dividers that you have are very nice and they do sell those at the
    Joann’s stores. I have picked up one to contain “sticklers” in although I
    think the holders on the inside would be better used to store the sickles
    on within drawers. Going to have to watch your drawer organization to see
    if I can pick up on organization within the Jetmax cubes I gave in my scrap
    room. Use those exclusively as I just cannot keep “stuff” out like pretty
    milk glass dishes, etc like other scrapers do as I just don’t want to have
    to keep it all dusted. Love the shabby chic look of others rooms, but I
    just could not keep up with all the dusting! Thank you for sharing your
    ideas. Hope I can gain more insight by watching your videos and then gain
    inspiration/motivation from it as well! ;-)

  3. Frances Panico Orgovan

    Do you still go to people’s homes as a coach to get them on the right track?

  4. Gitanjali Rao

    Thank u so much. I m from India. I am a very messy person and have a hard
    time keeping things in place. After i started seeing yr videos i started to
    organize things and my closet, my bathroom cabinet, under sink cabinet now
    look better. Thank u sooooo much. 

  5. 1FallCity

    I tried to purchase those tackle boxes in Germany. Nobody sells them but
    Amazon. And on Amazon they cost like 100$ for the deep one. Any other
    German viewers around, who could give advise for good tackle boxes with
    adjustable dividers?

  6. pang tan

    these ideas are great. I especially love your lazy susan cheap from dollar
    store. I used rice instead of marbles. fabulous. the lazy susan/ 8 in
    cake pans hold med bottles better than regular lazy susan

  7. Lorelei Shelton

    Those boxes are expensive. Every time I watch your videos, I think “that
    girl’s husband makes too much money!” No REAL person can afford elfa
    everywhere. Yeah, if I didn’t work 50+ and had 100k+/yr to organize my
    hoard, I’d be just like Alejandra! Way to go, girl, you make it look


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