25 thoughts on “How to Organize Office Supplies in the Home Office

  1. Jiske Van Piggelen

    Omg, I hate mechanical pencil. I push such hard while writhing that te
    point break soo fast. I love wooden pencils.

  2. anne nicole li

    hi alejandra..i’m 21 years old. and to make it short.. i made u as my
    INSPIRATION in organizing stuff!!!!!!!! i’m really not an organized person
    totally not not not! but after i watched all of your videos. i started to
    fix, clean and organize my things.. because i was really inspired how neat
    cute nice and fun u organize your things!

    p.s. i really love the way you label your stuff.. i dont have a label maker
    so i print my labels in the printer.. 🙂 takes me a lot of time cutting but
    its fun! 🙂

    p.s. don’t mind all the bit**es who dislike and comment bad things about
    your videos.. they r just jealous of u!

    and last p.s
    i watched all of your videos from the past years to present. in just one
    time. one whole day! hahahah while cooking and while organizing and sorting
    out papers..

    i love you so much thank u for being my inspiration!


  3. Salim Shaikh

    Hi Alejandro this sana and I am a girl don’t mind the icon Salim Shaikh he
    is my father and I am asking u a question or I’m telling u something
    I love the way u organise I have almost seen all your organising videos.
    Pls post some more videos that r what soever
    I hope you reply
    Pls reply

  4. Nibbler800

    Does anyone really need or use this much stationery? First impression at
    this collection was ‘aaargh! organised hoarding!’ 

  5. Dianne Funicelli

    My favorite marker:Craze art or sharpie and expo. my favorite pen:
    papermate and thin point My favorite pencil is ticonderoga and thats all


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