25 thoughts on “How to Organize Office Files (Part 1 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

  1. DoItOnaDime

    Great job, Alejandra! I LOVE my Freedom Filer, too! You were the first
    person I heard about Better Binders from. I fell in love with them and
    haven’t looked back. 🙂 Nice to see your smiling face back on youtube!

  2. Vanessa Ponce

    I wish you showed us what was included in each file folder category. Like
    what all did you put in the “Never throw away” section. Great video, looks
    so pretty!

  3. bizybee65

    Paperwork is the hardest organization project at home for me. I get so far
    behind on it. Probably because I deal with papers all day at work, it’s
    more fun to organize my other things at home. Enjoyed this video..going to
    set a goal to get busy purging and organizing my papers! –Anne 

  4. livelovelatte

    I just got my Freedom Filer today!! I opted for the colored hanging files
    bec those were the ones you had – so I’ll try them for now. Great to see

  5. organized4

    Hope you’re feeling better!
    Thank you for such a fantastic, timely video! I’d like to know the section
    of papers you never throw out. I’m sad when your videos end!

  6. carolinefreak

    My favorite tip: colour code your tabs, not the file folders… Woops! I
    needed that advice a few months ago when I started re-organizing my office.
    Well, tips saved for future reference. Thanks Alejandra.

  7. Michelle Scarberry

    I would love to see a video explaining the process of making a system Iike
    this from the very first step. My papers are NOT organized and they are
    scattered around the house. I’d like to create this system in my home so a
    video explaining the steps would be quite helpful

  8. aTimeAsThis

    Great idea to use the colored tabs to denote a category and the hanging
    folder as a standard folder. All those tabs create their own chaos and the
    hanging folders are so full they come unglued from the metal bar and fall

  9. Hon Min

    Coincidentally did a big desk purge & re-organization early this AM. I’ve
    so often wished you’d outlined a budget/sum spent on all the stuff. How
    many years will it take to use all those label holders? Many of us are
    moving to scanners and i-cloud as fast, more efficient, less costly, easier
    retrieval. Would like to be reminded that 80% of retained paper is never
    needed again. 

  10. Spherian7

    You were in my house, weren’t you!? The papers sticking out, the labeling
    system leading me down one dead end to another. But then you talk about
    purging a “Fy Ling Cabnet.” Huh? We so over my head. I’m gonna get it,
    seriously, you’ve helped me a lot and ah’m lovin’ the good looks, OK?

  11. Shonda W

    If you don’t mind sharing, I think it’d be helpful to know what each binder
    is labeled as. I can probably think of a few categories but I bet you have
    many more great ideas!

  12. Dizzycoolbabe

    That’s so cool – I have a huge cabinet/shelf monstrosity but I’m loathed to
    get rid of it because it’s great for storing books, but it has 2 very
    untidy draws, full of junk I’ve just shoved in there – I now have an idea
    what to do with the the draws – thanks 🙂 

  13. WarningRacing

    Does anyone know of a product similar to the freedom filer system ? That is
    a little bit cheaper and one the is available in the UK . Thanks :)

  14. Kristen Paul

    Maybe this is just me but this seems very anal retentive. I don’t have time
    for this..,

  15. vicki carol

    Alejandra, I can’t believe that you have your printer so far from your
    desk. That means that you have to go back and forth every time you print.
    Wasted steps, wasted time. You are so organized on all other levels. I
    know that I print all most everyday. Maybe you don’t print as much as the
    rest of us. Still you are the best organizer I have followed.


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