13 thoughts on “How to Organize a Small Home Office

  1. lilmissmartin23

    Very very helpful as I run my tax firm from my apartment! Space is very
    limited and usually during a busy day there are tons of papers and folders
    all over. I need to create an office system with file organization, agenda
    management etc as I plan to hire staff this year… Any tips on that? Thanks

  2. charliefrout

    Great video! I wish I had all the tools and furniture I needed to get my
    home office in top shape because now it’s looking kind of comical- I need
    an investor. THankfully entered a video into the Pimp My Cube contest
    that’s running this month and next, can win a free remodeling and get
    organized finally! You guys hear about this contest?

  3. Leena Circle Page

    very nice. me like your simple setup. bravo. hopefully you will show more
    way of how to clean up the cluttered work room from the nick-knacks we
    usually have piling up the work room. 🙂 :)


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