25 thoughts on “How to Organize A Home Office – 10 Tips – Keeping Style In Your Life

  1. JoshAndChristina Morales

    Going to clean out my office this week! My office has kind of become a
    “storage” room and I need to take it back! lol Great tips! Love your

  2. Jenny On the Spot

    Great tips! I am hoping to paint my space soon! I love the 10 minute tip
    the most. I try to do 5 minutes in 2-3 key rooms every day. SO helpful!

  3. Clarissa Mosse

    I loved your tips, the vid quality, editing and sound were also really
    good! I especially love that green note book you have, would you mind
    telling me where it’s from? X

  4. wardi araby

    The best & most inspiring video I’ve watched ! To the point and NOT
    dragging like most others.. LOTS of REAL useful tips. Thanks.

  5. IamDeeDeeCrafts:mylifeasacraft artist/fashionGuru

    Hi, there we have same name LOL . To one Danielle to a other great video.

  6. CraZyGiRL5093

    I rearranged my office a few months back… now stumbling along this video
    by chance. Its funny, when I moved the office from one space to another
    this was the whole thought in mind: “Creating a space that is conductive to
    my individual focus needs.” Step one was moving the office from a small
    dark wall of space in the dining area (NEXT TO THE KITCHEN) into a large
    open room at the front of the house. I purchased a table specifically for
    “work space” where before I was sharing the kitchen table with household
    activity 🙁 I placed the table in front of a large window so that in the
    summer months I can get as close to outside as possible while still getting
    stuff done. I purchased a frosted glass top table to keep a light open
    feeling to the space.

  7. CraZyGiRL5093

    I personally would go a little bonkers in the office this video is showing.
    From what I can see, it looks like stuff stuff stuff EVERYWHERE. I don’t
    like looking at that much stuff, it makes me feel overwhelmed, even if it
    may be “organized.” They make cupboard shelves for a reason- to put stuff
    “Away” I personally feel that this particular office could use some low
    wall running cupboards or a curtain, anything to distract from STUFF. Just

  8. LuvYourLoxXx

    Thank u so much for these ideas. I’m furnishing my home office now and I
    was just about to place the desk facing the wall! Lol I needed that tip.
    Keep the vids coming (-: and may The Lord bless you and your family.

  9. Carmen Velasquez

    Great tips on how to organize your office spaces at home, and work. In
    order for you to love to work in the area you spend most of your time in
    daily, this may help you become a more productive, happier, & an at
    peace individual.

    Surround yourself by things that make you feel warm. Use pictures of your
    family, books you love to read, etc. So that you can feel comfortable in
    your own space by creating a clear, clutter free area.

    Let this video help make your life free of clutter thru organization.

    See for yourself how you can make a life free of chaos.

  10. Valerie Snider-Lynch

    I used to be so organized but a traumatic brain injury has had an impact on
    my organizational skills. I become very overwhelmed, confused, disengaged,
    and frustrated with the disorganization I’ve somehow created. Initially I
    had blocks of memory loss and when I entered a room in my home I was taken
    back by the chaos. No memory of anything, I became extremely fearful,
    depressed and emotional because I couldn’t remember what/why/when/how I
    managed to empty my entire pantry onto my kitchen table with every item
    perfectly placed/spaced/categorized! It’s been a long, enlightening,
    insightful journey and now I’m ready to consciously organize spaces in my
    home. I still have some attention issues so when I came across this
    simplified yet effective video, I started taking notes and will create a
    plan specific for my needs. Thank you very much…
    I’ve already shared with others who will benefit from your style of
    delivery and suggestions you make and I’ll be looking for other tips &
    tricks by you!

  11. markthomasbuilder

    Great video! It reminded me that my office needs less clutter and more
    things that make me better.

  12. Myra Stoudt

    Some super and very fresh (different from so many other) ideas as I begin
    the process of reordering my home this summer. THANK YOU!

  13. Nancy Sanders

    Very helpful tips and high quality video. I’m in the midst of a complete
    office makeover – flooring, painting, new furniture and an entire wall of
    shelving. I don’t want things to look cluttered and I was looking for tips
    and suggestions on how to set things up and keep my new look looking great!
    These are definitely my new best-practices.

  14. Kristine Knowlton

    Check out this great video on how to stay organized and functional in a
    home office #homeoffice #youtube #video #life #DanielleSmith How to
    Organize A Home Office – 10 Tips – Keeping Style In Your Life

  15. rose Decatur

    I love your idea of having a desk “not” facing a wall, its a good concept
    for positivity but I am setting up my “office” lol, in my bedroom because I
    just don’t have the space 🙁 But I am going to put up positive notes and
    pictures on the wall in front of the desk! Thanks


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