20 thoughts on “How to hang a quilt in your home or office

  1. Mama Bee

    This woman is clear, sticks to what needs to be said, gives a few extra
    options, demonstrates slowly but not ploddingly, and is pleasant to boot.
    She should give lessons on how to present things. She’s great!

  2. CreativeOrganizer

    Wow! What a nice compliment, thank you very much. And no–I didn’t pay this
    person to say this. It was nice to read after I just got a filthy mouth
    comment on another video I did.

  3. CreativeOrganizer

    You hang the dowel on a nail (or two–one at each end. If the quilt is
    large have a nail in the center also). OR you can use curtain brackets to
    set the dowel on. Good question

  4. modernjax

    Thanks for this video. I forgot to sew on a sleeve before a bound my quilt
    and was looking for ideas to add a sleeve after the fact. This was just
    what I was looking for!

  5. CreativeOrganizer

    I don’t know exactly what you are asking. sorry. I hang my own quilts. Even
    the very long ones.

  6. ptm0258

    Thanks so much for the info. You did a great job of presenting – as someone
    before me has said – concise, easy to understand. I’ve had a quilt the size
    of just the top of a double bed that I made 40 years ago that will look
    great over my fireplace. Now it can finally get some use.

  7. tirelessweaver

    Thank you for this! My first time hanging a quilt and this technique worked
    great. I ironed the seams open and my all tabs came out super cute.

  8. Jean M Coleman

    Thank you for these great suggestions. I am going to use a wall hanging on
    my deck, which has siding on the wall where I will be using my wall
    hanging. So I am going to buy hooks appropriate for siding. I will also be
    putting some kind of loop on the end of the dowel, an eye screw?, so that
    it will hook over the siding hook. I will add fishing weights at the bottom
    or a metal rod, so the wall hanging will not blow away. Any tips on how to
    be sure the wall hanging will stay in place?


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