14 thoughts on “Home/Office PC Build for My Dad.

  1. Not2BadGamers

    i made a build very similar to this but i just have to say, why on earth
    would you put that in a tower that size. coolermaster elite 130 and you can
    get a 1150 board for $ 50-65. would have been hard to work in but eh.


    I got this tower super cheap plus It’s almost the same model as what I use,
    so I knew it would be good quality.

  3. Not2BadGamers

    well i will say that is a good reason. how much was it? the only thing the
    system is missing is an SSD for speedy operation, but to be fair an office
    PC is fine without one.

  4. vomic

    Kinda strange, no cable management – i/o shield whas loose and your case is
    to big, i could have fitted all in an mini tower if you bought an modular
    PSU. But still, neat office pc.

  5. comedyman112

    office you say ? then why go for that big, flashy case and that high
    profile heatsink RAM ?

  6. Zapherigno Impastaccio

    I can’t say for sure of course, but my guess for why he got the case and
    RAM would be sales. Yes a smaller case would be more space efficient but
    hey, if that one’s on sale and cheaper I’d have done the same. 

  7. Diavolo222

    Dont put the mobo on the outside of that back, it creates static
    electricity. Put it on the motherboard package. Also, I’m guessing you’re
    trolling with the PSU being upwards positioned.


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