25 thoughts on “Home Tour Pt 2: New Makeup Room/Office

  1. Elle Is For Living

    Beautiful. Love your style and how you have decorated. Thanks for sharing
    with us. ♥ Elle

  2. Anna Williams

    What is inside the candle holders that keeps the brushes stood up? The pink
    spongy stuff?

  3. Kelsey Bobian

    Love how you painted and added the handles to the ikea stand! You did
    really good!! Let’s see the video! 

  4. Grace B

    just wondering does mike have his own room? or does he not care to have
    one? I mean i know mike’s computer is there but you can tell that you
    designed and organized most of the room. 

  5. Jennifer Adams

    What is her desk called? I know it’s from IKEA but I love it and want to
    buy one myself. 

  6. MariCook2Glam

    Fleur can you please make a video on how you painted your Alex drawers. I
    would like to do the same thing but there are no videos on how to do it.
    Please, please do a video. If anyone feels the same way please thumb up so
    that Fleur can get to see this comment. Thanks.

  7. kalesx0

    Wow I am INLOVE with your room!!!! Such good inspiration for my filming
    room although it won’t look half as amazing as your room is! xx

  8. Katie Cammack

    put the candle holders in the freezer for a few hours and then pop the wax
    out instead of melting it with hot water. It’s a lot cleaner and better
    than washing wax down the drain

  9. Camryn Harvey

    I love your paint color so much the faint pinky purple is beautiful do u
    know where I can get it in the USA or a USA brand that has a similar color

  10. Lauren Rice

    We’re did u get those tiny little drawers from at the side of your dressing
    table. Love u fleur xxxxxxx

  11. Felicia Boo

    One of my life goals is to have a nice, clean home that I love. Growing up
    my family always struggled with money and we moved almost every year
    sometimes more to small, messy, dark homes. Your house is gorgeous and I
    want to work hard so I can have a nice home of my own one day! ^_^ I love
    how you decorate!

  12. Grace Duxbury

    Does anyone know where the little drawers at the side of the dressing table
    are from? Looked all over Ikea and can’t find them! Thanks :)


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