25 thoughts on “Home Organization: How to Set Up and Organize Your Desk and Office

  1. yoshi2700

    Wait so i have to ged rid of my passport, my ipod, my cellphone, and the
    secret stash of money i keep in my desk drawer???

  2. boulespuantes

    i used this video to see if i was organized and it turns out i am..got me
    my computer and nothing else..i like it

  3. Liist

    Thanks so much for the tips. This might actually make GTD work! I get
    processing done alright, but my study area is a mess.

  4. DannyDiscrete

    Just kiddin. Great, colorful presentation. My main take-away is the tip on
    the three-tiered paper thingy, and each level’s use. Fabulous. I’m a’gonna
    watch the other vids. Danny (The Dapper Slob) Discrete

  5. whatevamegastar

    SOLD! – i am sooooo gonna subscribe very helpful info! i love the 3
    G’s…there good for home use 2 right? xoxo whatevamegastar

  6. Chitra Banarjee

    This is the besttttttttttttt! I am using this no matter what! Thank you so
    much ! I was searching for good vids on organization and i mean
    really….when i was watching this i said to myself this is
    soooooooooooooooo good!

  7. annie37405

    Some good tips but,. This video would hold my attention better if you were
    visually showing some examples. The wall looks a little
    cluttered……..You are a great speaker.You could speak aboout this topic
    on talk radio and it would be great. good luck……….Annie

  8. MrsCharlieBones

    Very interesting, thank you for this video, as a youtuber, and a to-do list
    addict, I am very often at my desk, and I have so many things there it gets
    very messy, very quickly, although I keep it very clean and often
    re-organize everything, it’s would be so much better if it didn’t get messy
    haha ! Have a great day and thank’s again !

  9. katymarina

    Hi, I love your video. One question, in 2:07 you say the 2 things you need
    on the desk but I don’t understand number one (English is not my mother
    tongue) could you please tell me?Thank so much. I think you are great!


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