25 thoughts on “Home Office/Media Loft Space

  1. Lanika T

    This video was perfect. I’m trying to decide what to do with a similar loft
    space in my home. Beautiful space!

  2. My So-Called Home

    I am SO in love with this room. The navy, white, gold color scheme is right
    up my alley. That brass lamp with the striped shade is incredible, now I
    want to find one! We’re slowly working on our basement family room and this
    is some serious inspiration 🙂 Just gorgeous.

  3. travellady68

    I love the color and style of this room. I have a large loft room on my
    second floor and didn’t know how to decorate it. There is just a tv and
    couch up there. This is a great idea thankyou for sharing.

  4. Debbie Turner

    I found you from a post from AtHomeWithNikki, love this room, can’t wait to
    check out the rest of your videos.

  5. debtisdum

    AtHomewithNikki sent me! LOVE love love your style and budget conscious
    buys! Thanks for sharing! I am a new fan!

  6. Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth

    I absolutely love this space! You have such a great sense of style. I’m
    glad YT recommended your channel to me. New subbie. :-)

  7. Belinda Beasley

    This design is my inspiration to design my loft area. Love it! Thank you
    for sharing!

  8. ThatLadyDray

    Idk how many times I’ve watched this video but I just love it! I also love
    the idea of when parents create a safe place for their child to hang out
    with their friends without feeling intrusive & I love that desk & chair!

  9. youaintneverlied

    Hi Debbie. You have beautiful ideas. I’m inspired to use some of them in
    updating my living space. New subbie!

  10. Samantha Asher

    LOVE!! Such a great, fun room!! I love your little concession stand, such a
    great idea!

  11. crazy4RxLexus350

    Love the space and looks very nice and cozy.I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of
    my comments in one day lol. I’m a new subbie.Oh do you have a video of
    inside the cabinets? I would love to see it.

  12. Montee Jack

    Hi, I will getting married soon we want to use my house as a rental
    property. Do you have any tips where I should begin and how to keep track
    of my expenses and documents for my taxes? Love your videos! Thanks

  13. Ida Thompson

    Hope I don’t wake you up. I was wondering where you purchased the two wall
    hanging files? I’m trying to update my son’s desk and those would be


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