16 thoughts on “Home office/Gaming room remodel. Speed up 4X *Part 1/3*

  1. 7bikerboy7

    @DrStudley15 thanks its from home depot. Genesis vintage maple natural. 3/8
    thick x 4 1/4 wide. easy to install once you get the hang of it

  2. aryesegal1988

    Hey, great stuff! 🙂 where can i learn this skill from? is there any book
    or course you’d recommend?

  3. 7bikerboy7

    Thank you… Well ive never read a book or taken a course to learn this.
    YouTube helps a lot for me, You can ask people at lowes or home depot if
    you have question about certain project, plus ive been working in
    construction for 17 yrs now


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