25 thoughts on “Home Office/Craft Room Tour (2013)

  1. MyArtGumbo

    Love the room. I just started working on my art and photo studio remodel
    clean out. It looks like a bomb went off in there. Question: why did you
    choose to put Winnie’s tub and grooming station in that room as opposed to
    the basement? Also, why not put a door on the closet instead of that target
    curtain? It just doesn’t seem to match the hardware in the room (not that
    any of my stuff matches).

  2. EEN63

    Such a great way to wrap up your office/craft room series. It ties
    everything up so nicely. LOVED this series! I have a request/suggestion:
    Should you decide to do a more detailed look into your craft closet,
    perhaps you can pick a storage bin/rolling drawer system/etc. & do a quick
    tutorial with each set of specific crafting supplies. This way we can see
    how you keep things neatly arranged/micro organized & we get to see a
    tutorial of a craft you want/need to do for your self or upcoming event.

  3. Ann Conroy

    I don’t know about that. While I agree that Jen has a lot of things,
    everything is organized well so packing up should be fairly simple, however

  4. Joy Smith

    Loved this video, what a fantastic room. Lots of great ideas for me to use
    in my craft room/office.

  5. frivolositygirl

    great tour! great room!! My 5 favorite things:1. the 3 pendent lighting
    over the grooming – desk area. 2. the carousel caddy 3. the day bed 4 the
    gift wrap wall organizers; and 5. the storage closet (its practically a
    mini Container Store : ) love it

  6. sarahelizabeth022

    I agree!!!! Such a great way to really tie it all together almost nicer
    than nice. And yes I would love to see the craft closet again! Bring it
    back, bring it back! And, micro organization is awesome IMO so yes, let’s
    hope Jen sees this! I hope she does show some crafts since she appears to
    be quite crafty! TFS!

  7. Organized Like Jen

    Actually, having things stored in an orderly way in bins and containers
    makes moving MUCH easier. I’ve moved many times in my life and have come to
    find this to be true, at least for myself. Plus, we have no plans to move
    anytime soon.

  8. Deb Jackson

    Jen I just love all of your channels. You are a great inspiration for those
    of us who need some help organizing our lives and love the vlogs especially
    your dates with your hubby. I’m married to a Don too, they’re great aren’t
    they LOL! Winnie is too cute for words. We have an English bulldog our ‘
    baby’ that we dote on too. Tanks for what you do ☺

  9. Tam K

    Sorry this room looks crazy cluttered to me. There is stuff everywhereeee!
    The wall shelves oh my, wayyy to busy.

  10. Audrey Smith

    You inspire me to get more organized. I’ll be heading out tomorrow to get
    some storage bins & organizational supplies. Can’t wait to get started!

  11. Happy Home Inspired

    Your office/craft room is one of my top favorites on Youtube! I am using
    the inspiration I gained from your room to motivate me in redoing mine. I
    am posting videos as I go along if you want to check them out! Thanks!

  12. Naticris Tellavi

    The room is amazing. Can you tell me how the shelves were made the ones
    with the baskets? Thanks for the vid.


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