25 thoughts on “Home Office/Craft Room Makeover

  1. Comeca Jones

    Looks great lady! Im a new subbie found you today looking for organization
    ideas!!! Im loving catchin up on videos as we speak.

  2. AtHomeWithNikki

    I have been waiting on this video!!! :). Looks AMAZING! I know you are
    enjoying this beautiful space. LOVE!

  3. Jackie Wilson

    This office turned out so nice ,I love that curtain idea,I want to go
    shopping with you I never find such great deals.

  4. Cakeoooooh

    Oh gosh, that is soooo lovely! I really need to get my own home office in
    order but I’m a pro at procrastinating! This really helped to get me
    motivated! Thank you for sharing!

  5. CupcakesAndStars

    I love it! I just recently purchased an old school desk from a thrift store
    and also plan to paint mine black. Also, if you don’t mine me asking, what
    kind of paint did you use? By the way, I can’t wait for your next video. 

  6. Shante J

    Love the wall color and mirrors… Also the window treatments are gorgeous
    too…can’t wait to see the closet

  7. Veri Keri

    Ohhhh, I am soooo happy for you!!! It must feel wonderful to have a
    completed space to call your very own. Everything looks “fantabulous” and
    it so reflects your personality. I just purchased a bookbag on clearance
    this month that looks exactly like your drapes..lol….so you know what
    that means…I adore those drapes! Have fun crafting and handlin’ yo’
    business in your new craftroom/office :)

  8. Our Home Our Haven

    I love the color combination; such a fabulous job. My favorite item are the
    curtains. Thank you so much for sharing 

  9. prettypaperz

    Very nice and it really does look professional. It’s nice to see a craft
    room with black furniture instead of white. My goal is to do my craft room
    in black. Nice job.

  10. Louann S.

    I like before and after videos, it’s a chance to get a lot of good ideas.
    Love the room, it looks great. 

  11. Favored4life

    Awesome! Is she anywhere near the DMV or know anyone here? I am looking for
    an interior designer/organizer. 

  12. cookiemix67

    This is a beautiful bright space, it’s been Melaninized! The colors are def
    you, great use of space decor and organization….congrats! Blessings.


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