25 thoughts on “Home office ‘your papers please’ to non-white commuters (02Aug13)

  1. Big Lenny

    To me catching illegals has to be the easiest thing to do, start with all
    takeaway restaurants, then areas where no one speaks English like Green
    Street East Ham, then all the summer farming jobs. Job done

  2. manamimnm

    The police don’t have the power to stop you based on your race, color, or
    religion. They have to have a reasonable suspicion that you have break the
    law. Even in the report they mention this point, they target people by race
    not by intelligence. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS unless you like being treated like in
    NAZI Germany!

  3. Areopagitican 卐

    They need to check out businesses that employ illegals rather than
    targeting individuals on the street.

  4. The Trojan Bore

    We were never consulted about mass third world immigration. The only
    problem that I have with what the government is doing, is that it is a
    gimmick to try and win votes back from UKIP. Black people are already
    stopped for being black. It’s because black people commit a huge amount of
    violent crime. If you have a problem with this, well that’s your opinion.
    Just don’t expect me to give a shit about it. Because I don’t.

  5. John Cunny

    So how do people expect them to get this under control if you can’t even
    ask…. these libtards are so fucking stupid.

  6. Josuah Duffy

    Why give a f..ck if a copper or official asks your details ? ..is it such a
    problem ? my name is … i live at .. ok bye , Its the world we live in..

  7. Alan West

    Fucking pricks. Random interrogation is not what this country’s about. We
    live in a free society where anybody is entitled to walk around without any
    form of ID and should not be required to give information to police if
    there is no evidence to suspect them of doing wrong. If I ever see these
    cunts outside a tube station I’ll make it my business to make life
    difficult for them.

  8. TalkAlot7000

    Yeah they target little old ladies etc but won’t stop all the mafia crime
    gangs coming here.

  9. Mark Elliott

    does every think free movement and speech makes it safe;cant u lot
    understand its all for a fucking reason ; you dumb mother fuckers

  10. merlin72572

    I’m glad this is happening its about time keep it up if these people have
    nothing to hide then theyv got nothing to worry about….I want to know
    who’s in my country don’t you.and as for Labour well it’s done and dusted
    they don’t care who’s coming into the UK……


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