25 thoughts on “Home Office Tour v3 (May 2013)

  1. Donovan Hefner

    Hey, I’m a first year computer science student, just stopping by to say I
    envy your setup. Makes mine look childish 

  2. Mehdi KhodaeiFard

    hey friend,
    i really enjoy it.
    this kind of office (special network lab) is my dream. 🙁
    i like to be friend with you,hope to accept me as friend in google +


    this is a very nice clean setup i will subscribe now if anybody is
    interested in see office tours then you should check out mine My Ulitmate
    Office and Room Tour for 2014 anybody that wants to subscribe feel free to
    leave a comment and i will subscribe right back

  4. Jordan McAllister

    The sound system that you have deserves a lot more credit than you give
    them. I have a set and it will shake my entire house.


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