18 thoughts on “Home Office Tour| Beauty Room Tour 2015

  1. KJonesFashion101

    I recently subscribe to your channel I get so much inspiration and I love
    your home Hauls <3 I have a fashion channel you can check that out if you
    like to 

  2. Dee Que

    I love your video. Thanks for sharing. I am in the process of getting a
    dressing/beauty room together myself. I have ideas but they are all over
    the place. Your video has given me some ides and inspiration. 

  3. nz0424

    25 bucks for that mirror is a steal! Everything is so pretty and glam. Girl
    im so the same way about decorating, Im never satisfied with the way things
    are so I go and redecorate it. Lol BTW love Empire too! Its too good and
    love Cookie!

  4. Cartia Woods

    Hey Kisha I am so incredibly proud of you. ..your home is almost as
    beautiful as you are…keep up the awesomeness…I have to steal some
    decorating ideas from you! Love ya!!

  5. Bemyguestwithdenise Denise Cooper

    What a beautiful video. My niece name is Lakiesha as well. I love your
    style. Your such an inspiration and your creativity is out of this world. I
    noticed on IG Your in the military. Thanks so much for your service. You
    are an amazing young lady. Keep those wonderful videos coming. Muah!

  6. Mrs. Oates This is how I decorate

    Your room is so beautiful just like you you are a sweetheart and I enjoy
    watching your videos please can you do a dining room tour and a living room
    tour and maybe a kitchen tour if you have time enjoy see you next time

  7. snsmystic

    The full length mirror is a definite steal! What store did you say you got
    it from? Kurtmen? Kurtmez? I don’t think I have that around my area. I love
    the room, it’s so glam!


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