25 thoughts on “Home Office Tour 2014 [Small Workshop]

  1. WriterBren

    I am so incredibly jealous of your office. My office is a recliner, a
    hospital tray table and a laptop lol. Beautiful office, Chris.

  2. guy

    I may not watch your geeky stuff I only watch your vlogs and loved your
    tech videos but I like all that you do been a fan since ’07

  3. M Kaye

    +Chris Pirillo Did you ever consider having Kelly Ishikawa do a piece for a
    wall in your Workshop? That would be so awesome. He is just so talented!

  4. Garyx24

    Dang haven’t visited this channel in a while. Can’t believe the mac pro
    along with those dual 30 inch monitors are gone. They were there since like

  5. USCPresident

    +Chris Pirillo not sure if you know but the Marvel Comics series, started
    publishing the Star Wars comic book series on January 14, 2015, I got the
    information exclusively from celebrity guests showcasing and giving away a
    limited special print on a stream on Twitch called
    http://www.twitch.tv/twingalaxieslive I don’t know when but a comic book
    talk show broadcast is in there schedule for the interactive gaming culture
    network they have set up. Here is the link for the new comic

  6. DBoy11368

    Ever thought of how it would look with Palpatine’s throne behind the desk
    and that circular window behind it?


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