25 thoughts on “HOME OFFICE TOUR!!

  1. Bellsie Bee

    Thanks for the tour,Bryan. I would like to see that drawer again in a few
    months to see if it turns into the typical dreaded “junk” drawer! lol

  2. Libby C

    awesome lair you got there! =) Your harry potter strange looking to me
    (english ones are different) I wanna know where you got those emoji
    cushions from!

  3. Stacy Hines

    My hubby would love an office like that! He got kicked out of his when baby
    number 3 arrived! Now his office is out in the open right next to the
    kitchen. Not very quiet with the kiddos running around! One day….

  4. Abbey D

    Love your office! Could you do a video on all the cameras and equipment you
    have including Missy’s and why you got them and what you like about each

  5. Kaitlyn Whitesides

    Who was the seller for the Polaroid film. I am getting one as a late
    Christmas present and I need film, but I can’t find tons of it in one buy!

  6. StrikerHero Camo

    Love your channels! i watch them everyday, it makes me happy:) also happy
    early new year Bryan and Missy! 

  7. Liberty Selena

    Bryan did you say my porn files it sounded like u did and the funny you
    have you have to share it on the the vlogs like in the vid with the worst
    things to get for Christmas 

  8. allyhark

    Noticed you said you got the “hey” sign from a viewer at a meet up and you
    decided to keep it. Do you usually throw away the things we make you

  9. CrazyCoolShorty

    Awesome Office Bry .. Thanks for sharing .. I love that it totally
    represents all the stuff you love .. its like a room of bryan

  10. Jesse Burdette

    I love you guys so much! You’re such an inspiration I have my camera and
    stuff ready to film hopefully getting videos up daily love you so much!

  11. lizzie southeren

    Is it sad that i just want to come and clean that wall for you??? Sorry
    that would be my ocd kicking in haha


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